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British Soldier – The Army Offshore Racing Team

The Army Offshore Racing Yacht and Team exists to promote excellence within the sport of Offshore Sailing, exposing soldiers, senior non-commissioned officers, warrant officers and officers across the Army’s Whole Force, of all levels of experience, to the highest levels of competition, including against professional sailors and yachts, in the most challenging of conditions, with the aim of promoting the Army and the Armed Services through success and by example, at every level.  It builds on personnel and skills developed through the Adventurous Training provided by the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC), the Army Sailing Association (ASA) Offshore Centre and the Army Inshore Sail Training Centre (AISTC), as well as the personal commitment and development by members of the team.  Whilst it seeks to use the best sailors – those who might be considered for elite programmes – for the most challenging and high profile of events, it positively encourages participation by all and provides opportunity to build racing experience and expertise across a developmental, exciting, demanding and high-profile programme of events. With a common purpose and with shared values of individual commitment, courage, determination and team work, the team has developed a highly capable and dedicated squad, keen to deliver excellence and share their knowledge and experience through an all-inclusive and welcoming approach.

The team is always looking for crews, with no experience necessary to get involved.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact Lt Oliver Cage-White the Team Secretary: Team Secretary

Committee Members

Rear Commodore Offshore Racing: Lt Col Will Naylor
Team Captain: Maj Henry Foster
Plans Officer: Maj Phil Caswell
Boat Captain: SSgt Dan Jouan
Media Officer: Lt Adrian Langford
Team Secretary: Lt Oliver Cage-White


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